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Located right on Margate beach front

Club World aims to create a fun and stimulating environment for children whilst providing a social network for adults. More than a simple play centre, Club World provides a real family atmosphere and is dedicated to supporting families and helping them build relationships through play.

We work hard to ensure our premises are clean, safe and offer fantastic value for money. Health and safety is incredibly important to us, as is making sure our services are affordably priced. Connected with the local Sure Start Centre in Margate, we’re also able to offer a discount to anyone registered with them.

Drop by and see our facilities for yourself. We’ve recently refurbished and our bright, colourful play areas are easily spotted when walking down Margate beachfront. Free parking is available upon request – please call the mainline number for details.

Under 1 Year FREE

Over 1 - £2.00  10am till 3pm

3pm till 6pm £3.00 to play

10am-3pm play and eat £3.50

3pm-6pm play and eat £4.50


Weekends, bank holidays

and school holidays

£3 to play or £5 to play and eat